At the ripe old age of 14 my digital journey began as I wanted to be a video editor, I started by recording and editing various video games into compilations right at the time that video game YouTube videos started to kick off, this was also the time that I started to learn digital marketing without even knowing it.I then had some work experience at the ABC and then searched to broaden my skills in video editing, this lead me to have a passion for videography.

My quest to become a video editor evolved into wanting to become a videographer and I started working on short films and small projects around Sydney. Eventually when I wanted to start creating my own content at home to grow my skills I ended up presenting to camera and creating YouTube videos, after being in front of the camera this then changed my direction once again to chance the profession of becoming a TV presenter, it is at this time that the Machinima Network signed me on to create a weekly video series for them as I could now film, edit, present and market all my own content.

I then went to transfer into the 'real world' and started working in Community Radio 5 days a week hosting my own show, from here it wasn't long until I received a job with Southern Cross Austereo as a panel OP & Announcer. Working with Southern Cross Austereo allowed me to win the Southern Cross Austereo 'Regional Radio Endorsement Program' and was able to attend 'Charles Sturt University'.

I had never planned on heading down the Uni path and soon after starting to study I became aware that chasing a career in the traditional forms of TV & Radio may not be the most rewarding or stable job in the coming years. At the end of my first year I had an audition to be a TV Presenter with the Disney Channel for a brand new show and was lucky enough to be offered the job! That was until they changed the format of the show and ended up using YouTubers as the presenters. This was when my mistake of leaving the digital scene and having my own YouTube show to then try transition into the 'real world' became very obvious. I had one more audition with Channel 10 for a presenter on 'Totally Wild' and made it into the final 2 and unfortunately did not get the job and unfortunately for the winner  the position did not last. 

After these experiences I had  realised that the TV/RADIO outlets simply are not what they used to be. Luckily enough the reason I had started on this path was all from my experience in the digital landscape. This was when I decided to launch my business 'Social Touch Media' to provide digital marketing and content creation services for small businesses and everything has been working great so far.

Looking my professional journey what stands out the most is that while I may have switched my passions a few times they all revolve around a similar aspect of the media industry and I am confident my skills with continue growing as I move forward. My favourite quote to sum up my journey is from Steve Jobs: "You can't connect the dots looking forward, only looking backwards". I never thought I would be an expert in digital marketing and content creation, I started out wanting to be a video editor and then a presenter but all the experience came together to give me the skills I have now!